In my supervision work I aim to work with practitioners who wish to:

  • Explore their work with their clients
  • Explore their work within their wider system, whatever that might be
  • Explore the impact of that work on themselves in so far as this does not cross over to direct psychotherapeutic work

I have supervised those trained, or training, in clinical psychology, educational psychology, counselling, and psychotherapy, who are working with population groups across the life-span (i.e., children, adults, older adults). As my work is now adult focused my supervision is best offered to those working with this population group.

My supervision practice is informed by a number of well-known supervision and reflective models with particular attention given to aspects such as the presenting needs, the relational nature of the work, the unconscious dynamics and parallels that may be in operation, as well as many other layers such as developmental stage, learning style, etc. For those working within an organisational setting, attention will also be paid to the way in which the respective needs of each may impact upon the work. I take an unknowing and curious stance to this work with the goal of providing a safe space in which to stimulate reflective thinking.

I have completed two trainings in supervision; one from Trinity College Dublin, graduating with a post-graduate diploma in clinical supervision, and one within the HSE’s Health and Social Care Professions (HSCP) office on professional supervision. I have also completed a supervision “Train the Trainer” course for the delivery of professional supervision for the HSE HSCP office and I now run professional supervision training programmes for HSCP staff within the HSE and voluntary bodies. I supervise other clinical staff within the HSE and am a regular supervisor of trainee psychologists.

I am Chair of IAHIP’s Supervision Committee; this role involves monitoring and responding to standards in relation to supervision practice as well as the operationalisation of a strategic vision for supervision issues and CPD for IAHIP supervisors. Within PsSI I am Co-Chair of the Working Group for Supervision.